About the CcS Blockchain Source code

The CcS Blockchain Sourcecode is controlled and improved directly by the CcS Organisation in collaboration with high class blockchain fanatics that are completely up to date with the latest standards.

Questions and Answers about the CcS Blockchain

Can I download the CcS Blockchain Source code?

The CcS Blockchain is a private managed blockchain and therefor cannot be downloaded or modified by public developers.

Is it possible to modify the CcS Blockchain?

The CcS Blockchain can be modified and updated by the original development team of CcS. By using Smart Contracts and Term Agreements anyone can contribute or add-on to the CcS Blockchain.

Can developers expand on top of the CcS Blockchain?

Anyone can expand the CcS Blockchain by making use of Smart Contract development or Term Agreement integrations. The CcS Insight API will also be available for public development purposes.

How frequent is the CcS Blockchain updated?

The CcS Blockchain Core is aimed to be updated at least twice to three times a year. We try to limit the amount of required blockchain updates to seasonal events.

How many developers are involved in the CcS Blockchain

There are several developers involved in the development of the CcS Blockchain. The team exist out of two core blockchain developers, one senior blockchain developer and an additional outsourced team who provides advise and feedback frequently.

Is the CcS Blockchain Bitcoin or Ethereum based?

The core of the CcS Blockchain is based on Bitcoin all though also contains a Ether Virtual Machine and has a full scope Smart Contract system that is solidity based build in at ground level.

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